Genre First Person Shooter
Roles Producer / Level Designer 2009
Team Size 8

I completed an internship project where I and a group of five other Champlain College students built a level for the game “Americas Army”. Our level is called Canyon. It can be played right now in Americas Army Overmatch. This project was the first publicly available piece that I have worked on.

I took on the role of level designer and producer for this project. I was in charge of scheduling work tasks, keeping the team cohesive, designing play spaces, and communicating with the America’s Army development team.

We went through a very iterative process where we reacted to the requests of the America’s Army development team and to the reaction of playtesters. We kept statistics on locations of kills and deaths, frequency of wins, types of wins, and several other factors. It was very important to us that our map be balanced for play on both sides

Our teams map was released to the public in December 08, and it can be played in the game by downloading the Champlain Map Pack.

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