Clickteam has released a powerful flash exporter for their delightfully easy to use Multimedia Fusion 2 software. The plugin allows users of MMF2 to export their games and other programs as SWF files.

For those of you unfamiliar with Multimedia Fusion 2, MMF2 is an amazing game creation tool that allows users to make in minutes what would normally take hours. Don’t get too excited though. MMF2 has it’s limitations. It is 2D only, and its graphical scripting system doesn’t allow for the cleanest of code, so you can expect to have simple 2D game that take up a surprising amount of CPU power.

Instead where MMF2 really shines is as a rapid prototyping tool. Not even flash can spit out simple mechanics the way MMF2 can.

It is unfortunate that MMF2 couldn’t quite be used in the mainstay of game development. Now that the flash exporter has been released, maybe this won’t be the case anymore.

Flash games are already terribly inefficient, but they are so easy to access. MMF2 has had a web plugin for years, but unlike flash, it isn’t already installed on hundreds of millions of machines around the world. Perhaps this will be straw that pushes MMF2 into popular use.

Check out the official product page here.

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