That’s right. You heard it. Halo Reach is going to have yet another Blood Gultch remake. This is the fourth time that an iteration of this map has shown up in a Halo game.

  • Halo 1Blood Gultch
  • Halo 2: Coagulation
  • Halo 3: Valhalla
  • Halo Wars: Blood Gultch


  1. Blood Gultch is the most widely recognizable Halo Multiplayer map.
  2. Blood Gultch was the setting for much of the popular Red vs. Blue web show.
  3. Blood Gultch has a design that few other maps can match.

What it really comes down to is an excellent design mixed with some great fan service marketing. Blood Gultch was a great map before Red vs. Blue got a hold of it, but after was a whole different story. It’s like having an amazing blockbuster movie with similarly amazing marketing. Blood Gultch got the kind of publicity that most multiplayer maps can only dream of.

The new map has even been touted in a special episode of Red vs. Blue. The video makes it very clear that they are returning to Blood Gultch while explaining that there is lots of new terrain to explore outside the canyon. We will have to wait until later this July to discover what kinds of design changes this means because the video hints “Go outside the canyon Comic-Con 2010”

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